Money Management The Key

Mike here, trying to provide some insight for those of you new to the game. With all the BS cappers out there I figured shooting straight with you all might be a bit of fresh air for those trying to get into this industry.

Becoming a professional handicapper is not for the faint of heart. It typically takes years of work, dedication, and a commitment to learning the intricacies of the industry. I know this all too well because I spent my first ten years as a sports gambler learning the ropes and losing my fair share of money (the price of an education). It wasn’t because I had bad picks – in fact, I had plenty of winning seasons where I hit over 64% of my plays. Despite a winning record though, I still ended up losing money on the season because of poor money management.

Money management is the most critical aspect of sports gambling. Without it, even the most successful handicappers will find themselves in a tough spot.

In my early days of sports gambling I lacked discipline and I would chase quick profits rather than thinking long term. I would bet too much on certain games and too little on others, with no rhyme or reason behind my decisions.

It wasn’t until I started studying and learning about proper money management that I began to see profits. I started setting a daily or weekly betting limit and sticking to it no matter what. I also started tracking my bets and analyzing the data to find trends and patterns that could help me make better decisions in the future.

It’s important to note that money management isn’t just about setting betting limits and tracking your bets. It’s also about being disciplined and patient. Remember that you cannot let emotions cloud your judgment and lead you into impulsive decisions. You need to be able to control your emotions, stay calm, and stick to the plan.

Only after years of learning and implementing proper money management strategies, can I confidently say that I’m a professional handicapper.

I understand that not everyone will experience the same amount of success as I have, and that’s okay. Sports gambling is a high-risk, high-reward industry, and not everyone can handle the stress and pressure that comes with it. Again, this “isn’t for everyone”. But for those who are willing to put in the hard work and dedication, proper money management can turn even a losing record into a profitable season.

In my next article, I will go into more detail about specific money management strategies that I use and the reasoning behind them. 

Teaser alert: I know only two strategies a serious handicapper can implement. And if your capper is suggesting anything else, you’re being taken for a ride and should detach yourself from them immediately!

Money Management The Key

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