The Perfect Season Scam!

There are many Scamdicappers out there claiming perfect seasons. Some claim multiple perfect seasons. Even claiming to have gone 70 and 0 on an MLB season. These scammers, when pressed, will claim they’re doing a martingale approach that ensures that they never experience a losing season. But let’s look at this approach, which by the way is a real system, and see how impractical it is. 

What is the Martingale System: It is a popular betting strategy where the bettor doubles their bet after each loss, with the goal of recouping all previous losses and making a profit with the next win. The idea is that eventually, the bettor will win a bet and make back all of their previous losses, plus a profit equal to the original bet. The martingale system is commonly used in casino games like roulette, where there are even-money bets, such as betting on red or black. 

Could this be used in sports gambling? Well let’s take a look at the chart and decide if it’s very practical. 

LegBet AmountTotal Bet Amount

As you can see from the chart, by the 10th leg of the martingale system, you would have to risk a staggering $256,000 just to recover your initial $500 bet. Additionally, the total amount you would have bet up until that point would be $511,500, which is a huge amount of money to risk on a single bet. This is why the martingale system is generally not recommended as a betting strategy, as it can quickly lead to significant losses if you hit a losing streak.

The other obvious issue is that at about Leg 6 it’s going to get extremely difficult to find a shop willing to book that large of a wager. At Leg 8 you might as well forget about it. Let alone at like Leg 10 where you’re going to have to put up a quarter million in order to recoup your original $500. 

The BS hype Scamdicappers put out there should be red-flag enough, but if it isn’t, just do some simple math and you’ll realize you’re knee deep in the BS. 

PS: The Chart Doesn’t Even Include The Juice!

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